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Slamball is back and will be played in Las Vegas. We’re working on putting together as many details as possible, combining information from reporting news sites as well as from the official website.

Here’s what we know so far, and we’ll continue to update this article as more information becomes available:

How much are Slamball Las Vegas Tickets for 2023?

Tickets (and prices) have not been released yet, and we’re not sure when they will be released, but considering Slamball starts July 21st, 2023, we’re hoping tickets go on sale soon! We would assume (with strategic investors like Gary Vee) that there will be a social media campaign to backup the announcement of slamball Las Vegas tickets – potentially one of the biggest comebacks in sport’s history.

when do slamball Las Vegas tickets go on sale?

When Will Slamball Tickets Go On Sale?

If you find out, please send us a message: – We’re waiting to hear just like you are since we’re not affiliated with the official slamball league (and we don’t have CEO Mason Gordon on speed dial… yet).

This tweet was posted by the official slamball account on June 22… still waiting!

how much are slamball Las Vegas tickets?

Where will Slamball 2023 be played?

ESPN will broadcast Slamball 2023 live from the Cox Pavillion in Las Vegas from July 21 to August 17th. Eight teams will play for the chance at the playoffs during the last week of the broadcast.

How many Slamball Las Vegas Tickets Will Be Sold?

The Cox Pavillion seats 18,776 for a basketball game, but we’re not sure if the slamball audience capacity will be less because of the customizations needed to create a slamball court (with elevated floor to allow for the trampoline depth at floor level) and if the venue will limit seating to create a more condensed audience atmosphere.

Until the tickets go on sale, it will be hard to judge the anticipated response for Slamball in Las Vegas, but we hope the league keeps in mind that while passionate fans will go out of their way to travel, more casual slamball fans will be wanting to plan vacation for the event if it happens to fit their schedule, so last-minute ticket releases may hurt sales.

Where in Las Vegas is the Cox Pavilion Located?

The Cox Pavilion is located at 4505 S Maryland Pkwy #2022, Las Vegas, NV 89154 (about a 30 minute walk from the Strip). The closest hotel on the strip to the Slamball’s Las Vegas location will be MGM Grand (about a 30 minute walk) or Planet Hollywood (about a 38 minute walk)

There are plenty of other hotel options closer to the Slamball League’s game play than the strip.

Learn more about the rules of Slamball here so you’re caught up to see Slamball live in Las Vegas!

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